Os participantes do VI SBGEA realizado em Jataí, Goiás, e a comunidade em geral foi convidada a submeter os resumos para uma edição especial do periódico Annales de Geophysicae. Veja abaixo mais informações:

Journal: Annales Geophysycae

Special issue: Space weather connections to near-Earth space and the atmosphere

Editor(s): M. Abdu, A. Dal Lago, R. A. Buriti, J.-P. Raulin, and C. Jacobi

Issue goals: The main goal of the special issue is to publish papers presented during the last Brazilian meeting of Space Geophysics and Aeronomy that was held in September 2016 in Jataí, Goiás, Brazil. We intend this special issue as an important contribution to the development and future of space and atmospheric sciences in Brazil. Further, we expect to contribute to these fields with new advanced research released recently by Brazilian researchers and their collaborators from other countries. However, contributions from other parts of the world are welcome.

Call for papers: We invite researchers to contribute to the special issue “Space weather connections to near-Earth space and the atmosphere” by submitting papers of recent research in the fields of space science and aeronomy. This issue covers many aspects of Sun—Earth relations, which include space weather, heliophysics, magnetospheric and upper-atmospheric physics, and processes, dynamics and structures of the neutral atmosphere.

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