(COLAGE Associated Event)


24 - 26 November 2022 – INPE

São José dos Campos – SP – Brazil


** Applications should be sent to copy to

 ** Application deadline: August 12th, 2022.

Description and History

The International Space Science School (ISSS) will take place from November 24th to 26th, 2022, at the headquarters of the National Institute for Space Research - INPE, in São José dos Campos, SP, Brazil. The ISSS is associated with XIII COLAGE (Latin American Conference on Space Geophysics), promoted by ALAGE (Latin-American Space Geophysics Association -, with the aim of promoting knowledge and training for undergraduate, master's and doctoral candidates, from all over the world, in the area of Space Sciences. Historically, ALAGE promotes schools associated with COLAGEs, although their names and formats are not fixed. COLAGE events take place since 1988 every 2 to 3 years. The XIII COLAGE will also take place at INPE, right after the International Space Science School. In addition to ALAGE, the school has the support from the Space Geophysics Postgraduate Program at INPE, which is a postgraduate program of long last tradition and excellence.

Topics of the ISSS School:

The Sun and the Solar Activity

The Interplanetary Medium and the Solar Wind

The Magnetosphere

The Ionosphere

The Upper Atmosphere

Planetary Sciences

Space Weather


The school will take place over 3 full days, and should address two major topics per day, where introductory lectures, given by an expert on the field, will be followed by specific shorter duration lectures on the same subject, which will deepen theoretical aspects, data analysis, simulations, and/or instrumentation.

The school will preferably be presential, however sanitary conditions may require adjustments. The existing infrastructure is prepared for a hybrid or virtual format should this be required.


Undergraduate students, Masters and Doctoral candidates from the field of Space Sciences who have interest or are developing their research in topics related, but not limited to, those listed above are welcome to apply for the ISSS school. There will be a maximum number of attendants, although this number is yet to be defined.


Since there will be a maximum number of attendants, there will be a selection process based on the applications received. Candidates are required to submit within their applications:

-      Short CV, which states the applicant’s education (including the ongoing education, if that is the case), publications, presentations and participations in scientific conferences.

-      A presentation letter from the applicant in which he/she presents, in English, his/her interests in the ISSS School as well as the foreseen applications for the knowledge he/she intends to gain.

-      Possibilities of external funding that the applicant may have access for attending the ISSS School.


 ** Applications should be sent to copy to

 ** Application deadline: August 12th, 2022.


The local organizing committee will put a strong effort in providing affordable housing options during ISSS School.

Local organizing committee:

 Alisson Dal Lago -  INPE

Marlos Rockenbach da Silva - INPE

Livia Ribeiro Alves - INPE

Sony Su Chen - INPE



International Space Science School 

(COLAGE Event)

24-26 November, 2022, INPE, BRAZIL

1st DAY (24th Nov 2022)
Hour Topic Confirmed Lecturers
8:00-8:30 h          Registration and Opening Section LOC
8:30-09:45 h The Sun and the
Solar Activity
Shahin Zafarzadeh - MPS, Germany
09:45-10:15 h Parker Solar Probe Nour Raouafi - APL, USA
10:15-10:45 h Galileo Solar Space Telescope GSST Luis Eduardo Vieira - INPE, Brazil
Coffee Break (15min)    
11:00-11:30 Solar Orbiter Daniel Müller - ESTEC, ESA
11:30-12:00 h The Solar Chromosphere from the infrared to millimeter waves: a look to the
instrumental CRAAM/Mackenzie facilities
Guillermo Gimenez de Castro - CRAAM, Brazil
Lunch (2h)    
14:00 - 15:15 h The Interplanetary Medium
and the Solar Wind
Emilia Kilpua - Univ. Helsinki, Finland
Coffee Break (15min)    
15:30-16:00 h Interplanetary Structures Sergio Dasso - IAFE/UBA, Argentina
16:00 - 16:30 h Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Simulation Paulo Jauer - CBJLSW, China
16:30 - 17:00 h Non-Linear Phenomena in Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas I Pablo Dmitruk - UBA, Argentina
17:00 - 17:30 h Non-Linear Phenomena in Solar-Terrestrial Plasmas II Erico Rempel - ITA, Brazil
2nd DAY (25th Nov 2022)
Hour Topic Confirmed Lecturers
8:30-09:45 h The Earth's Magnetosphere David Sibeck - NASA, USA
09:45-10:15 h Earth's Radiation Belts Victor Pinto, Un. of Santiago, Chile
10:15 - 10:45 h Energy Transfer from the
Solar Wind to the Earth's Magnetosphere
Walter Gonzalez - CBJLSW, China
Coffee Break (15min)    
11:00-11:30 Solar wind driving radiation belts flux variation Ligia Alves da Silva - CBJLSW, China
11:30 - 12:00 h  Ground-Based Magnetometer's Network Clezio Marcos De Nardin - INPE, Brazil
Lunch (2h)    
14:00 - 15:30 h Earth's Ionosphere Inez Staciarini Batista - INPE, Brazil
Coffee Break (30min)    
16:00-16:30 h Ionospheric Simulation E. Alan Kherani - INPE, Brazil
16:30 - 17:00 h Ionospheric Digisonde Observations Paulo Fagundes - UNIVAP, Brazil
17:00 - 17:30 h Equars Mission Delano Gobbi - INPE, Brazil
3rd DAY (26th Nov 2022)
Hour Topic Confirmed Lecturers
8:30-10:00 h Physics of the Upper Atmosphere Paulo Prado - INPE, Brazil
Coffee Break (30min)    
10:30-11:00 h Space-Atmosphere's Electrodynamic Coupling:
LEONA Network
Eliah F. M. São Sabbas - INPE, Brazil
11:00 - 11:30 h  Airglow Observation Network Cristiano Max Wrasse - INPE, Brazil
11:30 - 12:00 h Upper Atmosphere Studies using LIDAR Vania Fatima Andrioli - CBJLSW, China
Lunch (2h)    
14:00 - 15:00 h Planetary Exploration Cesar Bertucci - UBA, Argentina
15:00 - 15:30 h Planetary Magnetospheres Ezequiel Echer - INPE, Brazil
Coffee Break (30min)    
16:00-17:30 h Space Weather Briefing INPE's Briefing Team
17:30-17:45 h ISSS Closing LOC

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