According to the association’s bylaws, there are three mandatory commissions and a special commission:

Admission Committee (Portaria_SBGEA_2021/001):

Dr. Lourivaldo Mota Lima (UEPB)

Dr. Maurício José Alves Bolzan (UFJ)

Dr. Ricardo Yvan de la Cruz Cueva (UEMA)

Editorial Committee (Portaria_SBGEA_2019/002)

Dr. Arian Ojeda Gonzalez (UNIVAP)

Dr. Cosme Alexandre Oliveira Barros Figueiredo (INPE)

Dr. Fredson Conceição Santos (IFMA)

Meetings Committee (Portaria SBGEA 2019/003)

Dr. Fábio do Egito Gomes   (UFCG)

Dr. Igo Paulino  (UFCG)

Dr. Maukers Alem Lima Dias  (IFTO)

Special Commission on Gender Equality (Portaria SBGEA 2021/004)

Dra. Alessandra Abe Pacini (NWRA e InSpace LLC)

Dra. Vânia Fátima Andrioli (INPE)

Dra. Virginia Klausner (UNIV AP)

Dr. José V alentin Bageston (COESU/INPE)

The duties of the special commission on gender equality are to support and subsidize the association’s board of directors, proposing actions that promote gender equality in SBGEA, which put the women of our society in the spotlight, in the positions in which they may have the role they deserve .