Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, elected for the term of 02 (two) years, is composed of a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, a Secretary and a Treasurer. At the last meeting held virtually, the following members were elected to form the board:

  • Dr. Marlos Rockenbach da Silva  – INPE (President);
  • Dr. Lourivaldo Mota Lima – UEPB (Vice-President);
  • Dr. Fábio do Egito Gomes – UFPB (General Secretary);
  •  Dr. Arian Ojeda Gonzalez – UNIVAP (Secretary);
  • Dr. Jonas Rodrigues de Souza – INPE (Treasurer).

The Board of Directord is responsible for:

1 – Execute the deliberations of the General Assembly and the Council;
2 – Prepare the annual budget and propose it to the Council by the date fixed by it;
3 – Hire and fire staff;
4 – Present annual reports and accounts to the Deliberative Board;
5 – Extraordinarily call the Deliberaive Board and the General Meeting;
6 – Organize and count the elections;
7 – Set a date for the annual ordinary meeting of the Deliberative Board and for the General Meeting;
8 – Appoint one of its members as coordinator of the State Divisions;
9 – Appoint special commissions to carry out studies and develop projects;
10 – Designate representatives of the Association at congresses and any bodies.